2 Mothers Die, Toddler Hurt in Colorado Pedestrian Collision
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  • 2 Mothers Die in Colorado Springs Pedestrian Crash, Toddler Hurt

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, on Thursday, October 25, 2012.

    Criminal and civil cases hold individuals and organizations accountable for the harm they cause. A recent pedestrian accident took the lives of two women — one of them a mother pushing her toddler in a stroller — as the friends crossed a busy Colorado Springs street.

    A Colorado driver was arrested and charged with careless driving causing death. Media reports did not speculate on why the morning accident occurred. The suspect’s sport-utility vehicle apparently struck the women and the 14-month-old child in the stroller as the victims crossed the road. The small girl survived the auto-pedestrian crash. Details of the child’s medical condition are unclear, although the toddler is “expected to recover.”

    There is no crosswalk at the Colorado Springs intersection where the two women were killed. That’s a situation one of the victim’s daughters hopes is rectified in the wake of her mother’s death. Relatives and neighbors near the crash site said vehicles travel too fast through the neighborhood. They stated that improved traffic markings might warn drivers and prevent further accidents along the road, which residents claimed happened frequently.

    The tragedy left behind an older daughter, who said she planned to leave the neighborhood rather than see the intersection where her mother died. An injured child will recover without her mother’s comfort. The girl’s physical and emotional challenges may be long-term and expensive.

    A Colorado civil court can address the survivor’s needs and expenses through wrongful death claims against negligent parties. The criminal suspect might be held liable. The local government may also be drawn into the case for failure to provide safe roadways.

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