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    When you head out onto the road, you’re heading into the unknown. You can always do your best to drive safely, obey traffic laws, and practice attentive driving, but you can’t count on others to do the same. On average, a fatal automobile accident occurs in the United States every fifteen minutes. There’s always a chance an accident could occur, and more often than not, it’s going to be one caused by human error.

    A study by Indiana University showed that human error caused or was a factor in 93% of the crashes that were investigated. The study also revealed that human error accidents are caused primarily by improper lookout, excessive speed, or inattention, and, in some cases, a combination of all three.

    Being in an automobile accident is stressful enough without having to worry about fighting insurances companies for financial compensation. The Frickey Law Firm has been around for over 50 years. Our passion is helping Coloradans recover damages in the aftermath of an auto accident and get their lives back on track. If you or a loved on has been the victim of an auto accident, give us a call at 303-237-7373 to schedule a free consultation.

    Types of Automobile Accidents

    Our experienced attorneys handle a wide variety of accidents that result in injury and/or property damage. Auto accidents can be broken down into different categories, depending on the type of vehicle involved. We can assist victims of all kinds of automobile accidents, including:

    Car accidents – In a car accident involving two or more vehicles, sometimes the biggest challenge is proving which driver was at fault. We’ll help with every step of this process and do what we can to see it through until you’re made whole.

    Tractor-trailer/truck accidents – Accidents involving trucks, or “big rigs”, can cause immense damage to a passenger vehicle. Not only can this type of accident include serious bodily injury and/or property damage, but it can also require the involvement of the trucking company and their lawyers.

    Motorcycle accidents – Motorcycles offer very little protection for the driver and/or passenger, making motorcycle accidents more likely to result in catastrophic injuries.

    Bicycle accidents – Much like a motorcyclist, a bicyclist is offered little to no protection when riding city streets. All it takes is one negligent driver to change the course of a life forever.

    Pedestrian accidents – Intersections and right of way laws are in place to protect against pedestrian accidents. Like most accidents though, it only takes a split second of inattention to cause irreversible injury or death.

    Drunk driving accidents – A large portion of traffic fatalities are caused by irresponsible drivers under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving accidents can be especially difficult to navigate without the help of a lawyer due to the fact that more than one party can be at fault for the incident.

    Distracted driving accidents – A distracted driving accident can be the result of texting, poor visibility, road rage, and a number of other factors. If you’ve been struck by a distracted driver, we can help.

    Rollovers – If you or a loved one has experienced a rollover accident, we can evaluate your case to find out if the rollover was caused by a defective product or if the manufacturer can be held liable.

    Work-related car accidents – If your job requires driving and you’re involved in an accident while working, you may be entitled to receive worker’s compensation benefits. The Frickey Law Firm can help you navigate the intricacies of a work-related car accident.

    Under-insured/uninsured motorist accidents – Over 16% of Colorado drivers are uninsured. Carrying uninsured driver coverage through your insurance company is a good start, but if you’re involved with an uninsured or under-insured driver, it’s an even better idea to have an excellent lawyer on your side.

    Not only can an auto accident cause serious property damage, it can also result in catastrophic injury and even wrongful death. The financial effects of an accident can last a long time, and the emotional effects can last even longer. Whether you were involved in a simple fender bender, or your vehicle was totaled, contact The Frickey Law Firm.

    Your family doesn’t deserve to be burdened with the medical bills and/or costly repairs associated with an accident. Our auto accident attorneys are compassionate and knowledgeable. We are devoted to our clients, and take pride in giving each case the special attention it requires. We know what it takes to fight for your rights in court; schedule a free consultation and let us get started. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.


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