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Wake Up! It's Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: How To Avoid Sleepy Driving

November 15, 2022
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving. The campaign runs from November 6-12.  Our roads are plagued by drowsy driving. It is estimated that there are 300,000 crashes caused by drowsy driving each year in the United States. These crashes result in 150,000 injuries and 6,000 fatalities.  Drowsy driving is preventable. If you are driving during Drowsy Driving Prevention Week or any other time of year, ensure you are well-rested and alert.  Drowsy Driving: What Is It? Sleep-deprived drivers operate motor vehicles with sleep-related cognitive impairments. Insufficient sleep causes sleepiness and fatigue, making driving while… Read Full Post

Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries

October 30, 2022
Dealing with a workplace injury can be painful, stressful, and expensive. They also happen all the time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) statistics convey that there were 2.7 million injury and illness cases in 2020 alone.  Here are some of the most common workplace injuries, how they occur, and how you can receive workers’ compensation if you experience an accident in your workplace. Falls, Slips, and Trips Accidents like falls, slips, and trips are some of the most common causes of injuries sustained on the job and claims filed for workers' compensation.  A slip is when a person loses traction on a surface and falls. A trip occurs when a person's foot catches on an object and… Read Full Post

Can Pedestrians Sue After Getting Hit By a Car?

October 15, 2022
Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country. Residents tend to make healthier lifestyle choices and choose healthier modes of transportation to get from place to place.  Unfortunately, with a high number of pedestrians, an uptick in sport utility vehicles on the roads, and an increase in distracted driving, motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are also rising.  Pedestrian Accidents and Suing for Damages When cars hit pedestrians, even small impacts result in serious injuries. Whether the incident was intentional or not, pedestrians injured by motor vehicles can sue for compensation for their injuries.  Because of the level of injury common in motor vehicle accidents… Read Full Post
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How Much is a Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

October 15, 2022
A motorcycle accident can completely upend your life. If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit against the other driver or their insurance company to recover money for your losses, then you are probably wondering what to expect. The answer depends on the damages you have sustained. Our attorneys provide some key information below. Potential Compensation in a Motorcycle Crash Claim Damages are determined on a case by cases basis. For that reason, we are not able to tell you what your motorcycle accident injury claim might be worth without knowing your exact situation.  However, personal injury damage awards tend to include compensation for losses such as: Medical expenses: You can… Read Full Post

Frickey Law Firm Attorneys Proudly Included in the 2023 Edition of Best Lawyers in America

August 15, 2022
Finding a capable attorney can be difficult since many people don’t know what to look for in a legal representative. What if you could begin your search with a recommendation from other top attorneys? That’s where the Best Lawyers lists come in. They are compiled based on a comprehensive peer evaluation designed to gauge the professional abilities of other lawyers. For the 2023 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®, more than 12.2 million votes were analyzed, which resulted in more than 71,000 leading lawyers honored in the new edition. The Frickey Law Firm is proud to have two of our Lakewood lawyers recognized by Best Lawyers® in 2023 in America. Janet L. Frickey was recently included… Read Full Post
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4 Dangerous Reasons Bike Accidents Happen More Frequently In The Summer

July 15, 2022
You can ride your bike for many reasons, including being healthy, environmentally friendly, and having fun. Despite those great reasons to ride a bike, someone is always at risk of causing an accident. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents can have disastrous results.  In summer, more people are involved in bike accidents than at other times. Discover why more people bike during the summer than any other time of year.  More drivers and cyclists on the road During the summer months, more people are riding their bikes, which means that more people are likely to be involved in a bicycle accident. Additionally, there are more cars on the road.  More distracted driving Summer is a time when many… Read Full Post

Recent Awards for Janet Frickey and Eric Ballou

June 29, 2022
Members of this community have long relied on our award-winning attorneys to obtain justice and compensation after an accident, workplace injury, or wrongful death. We work tirelessly to pursue the best possible results for our clients and know that it takes a deep understanding of the law and a strong commitment to the legal profession to do so.  Sometimes, distinguished organizations recognize and acknowledge these very same qualities in our lawyers. We are proud to announce that Janet L. Frickey and Eric B. Ballou, Esq. have recently received awards for their accomplishments as highly-skilled personal injury attorneys. Janet L. Frickey Janet Frickey is the recipient of the Top 50:… Read Full Post
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What Happens If You Get Hurt on a Rental Scooter?

May 24, 2022
It’s no secret that electric scooters are the latest transportation fad. Many people view them as a fun, fast, and cost-efficient way to get around cities such as Denver. However, they are also more dangerous than the average rider might suspect. The boom of rentable dockless electric scooters has been associated with an increase in preventable accidents and injuries nationwide. Common E-Scooter Injuries Many two-wheeled motorized scooters can reach a top speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour. What might seem like a relatively slow pace is fast enough to cause serious injuries and even death. The CDC found that nearly half of all injured riders involved in a recent study suffered head… Read Full Post
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What If My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

March 21, 2022
Workers’ compensation insurance exists to provide medical and lost wage benefits to employees who get hurt on the job. You should be able to rely on it after an accident. But what if you find out that your employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance? Our attorneys are here to help. You may be entitled to take legal action and seek the compensation you need. Is Workers’ Compensation Required in Colorado? Workers’ compensation requirements vary from one state to the next. In Colorado, all employers with one or more employees must obtain and maintain workers’ compensation insurance. It doesn’t matter if the employees are full-time or part-time. It also doesn’t matter if they’re… Read Full Post

How a Lawyer Can Help with Your Car Accident Claim

February 25, 2022
Many people choose to handle their car accident claims alone. However, this approach might leave money on the table that could help with your recovery. An attorney is often needed to get the most desirable outcome after a motor vehicle collision involving serious or long-term injuries. Reasons to Hire Our Car Accident Lawyers The world of car accident insurance claims and injury settlements can be incredibly complex. It’s important to have an attorney on your side who has an in-depth knowledge of these processes, knows how to build your strongest possible case, and feels comfortable negotiating. Here are just a few reasons to think about hiring our Lakewood car accident lawyers: We can… Read Full Post