Car Accidents

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February 07, 2024
Lakewood, Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Denver, Boulder, and Nearby Areas Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have used machines to make certain tasks easier. This can be seen almost anywhere you go, from paying for groceries with our phones to using 3D printers to build bridges.… Read Full Post
December 15, 2023
According to this study of distracted driving vs drunk driving, drivers who text or use handheld devices are four times more likely to be involved in an accident. Although this fact has long been circulated in the media, the threat of a car accident is not enough for many people to put down their… Read Full Post
July 15, 2023
There are many reasons why summer is the most dangerous season for a car accident. Summer is a time when many teens are off from school and a season when many people travel and get together to spend time with family and friends. Summer is known for its wonderful, warm weather, which gets many more… Read Full Post
January 15, 2023
Car accidents happen every day, and in many situations, injuries are involved. The attorneys at Frickey Law in Lakewood, CO, work daily with individuals who have been hurt in vehicular accidents. When one occurs, it is critical that you take specific steps to ensure proper evidence and information… Read Full Post
December 15, 2022
Thousands of people are injured or killed in drunk driving accidents every year. And every year, those accidents spike during the holiday season. New Year's Eve is no exception. If you're planning on celebrating the new year with alcohol, have a plan for a safe ride home. Bring your driver's… Read Full Post
October 15, 2022
Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country. Residents tend to make healthier lifestyle choices and choose healthier modes of transportation to get from place to place.  Unfortunately, with a high number of pedestrians, an uptick in sport utility vehicles on the roads, and an increase… Read Full Post
February 25, 2022
Many people choose to handle their car accident claims alone. However, this approach might leave money on the table that could help with your recovery. An attorney is often needed to get the most desirable outcome after a motor vehicle collision involving serious or long-term injuries. Reasons to… Read Full Post
December 16, 2021
Safe winter driving is all about being prepared. That can mean checking the weather conditions before you get behind the wheel, knowing your vehicle’s capabilities, and taking other important steps to avoid a car accident. In Colorado, it also means obeying the traction and chain laws. What is… Read Full Post
October 25, 2021
Halloween is meant to be a night of fun and festivities. However, the reality can be a lot scarier. Statistics show that it is one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians. In fact, motor vehicle accidents are a serious safety concern for pedestrians and drivers alike on Halloween.… Read Full Post
July 20, 2021
Winter may seem like the most dangerous season for driving. However, drivers actually face a higher risk of being hurt or killed in a car accident during the summer months. Here are five factors that make crashes more common in warmer weather: Teen drivers: High school and college-aged drivers… Read Full Post