Accident on Honeymoon Leaves Husband Dead, Wife Injured

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Posted: December 4, 2017

A 28-year-old woman from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, was on her honeymoon when she and her husband were in a car crash in New Zealand. As a result, her husband died and she suffered a severe brain injury. She spent the following two weeks in a coma in a hospital there before she was transported by air ambulance back home to Colorado.

Since awaking from her coma in New Zealand, the 28-year-old has been struggling to regain her physical and mental abilities as the brain injury and several broken bones have caused a multitude of issues. According to her parents, she is battling amnesia but her memory is becoming better and better each day. Currently, she is participating in a rehabilitation program at an unnamed hospital.

She has been back in her home state since Oct. 23 and several updates have come from her and her family. According to a statement from the 28-year-old, she cannot wait to get out of the hospital and return to everyday life. Her father reported that she is beginning to remember details from the trip, her wedding and events from the year before the accident occurred.

Her physical well-being is improving with her rehabilitation and she is expected to be able to be out and about in the very near future. Support for her has been pouring in via emails and cards that now decorate her room at the hospital. Her father added that the support provided by the staff at the hospital has been tremendous and she has become more motivated to recover since realizing all of the support she has received.

This tragedy underscores the consequences of a brain injury, especially when a car accident is involved. Such a situation is likely hard to cope with, but this 28-year-old woman seems to be doing the best that she can. Her father added that she has become increasingly witty and funny in recent days-this is likely a good sign, suggesting that she is returning to her former self.

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