COVID-19 and Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Posted: June 17, 2020

image of an essential worker in protective mask and gloves resting her hand against her forehead. Senate Bill 216, which would have allowed essential workers who contract COVID-19 to more easily qualify for Colorado’s workers’ compensation program, was defeated by the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee on June 10, 2020.

Had SB-216 become law, it would have forced a presumption that any “essential and front-line worker” who contracts COVID-19 contracted the virus at work. This would have entitled essential workers affected by the coronavirus to all of the benefits of workers’ compensation, including medical care and disability benefits. With the failure of this Senate bill, Colorado’s essential front line workers will be required to prove that their exposure to COVID-19 occurred at work, and also prove they were not exposed somewhere else.

If you are an essential worker on the front lines and believe you contracted COVID-19 at work, the accomplished attorneys at The Frickey Law Firm can help you navigate your worker’s compensation claim and ensure your rights are protected under the law.

Who Is Considered an Essential Worker in Colorado?

Under SB-216, the distinction of being an essential worker is applied to both public and private employees with duties and responsibilities considered essential to the public's health, safety, and welfare. These included:

  • First Responders: Including law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical service providers, ambulance drivers, 911 operators, and corrections officers.
  • Medical, Healthcare, and Public Health Workers: Including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse aides, surgical assistants and technologists, home health care workers, and nursing home workers.
  • Commercial Cleaning Workers: Including janitors and custodians at nursing homes and any facility that treats COVID-19 patients.
  • Utility Workers and In-Home Service Technicians: Including workers who provide telecommunications, electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, mechanical, construction, or maintenance services at any public or private facility, or home that treats patients with COVID-19, has identified a COVID-19 outbreak, or houses individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Food Processing, Agricultural, and Grocery Store Workers
  • Airline and Transportation Workers: Including pilots, flight attendants, and airline cleaning crew, food service, and catering workers, in addition to drivers and operators employed by the Regional Transportation District (RTD).

Workers’ Compensation cases can be incredibly complex, and may require the knowledge, skill, and resources of an experienced workers’ comp attorney to ensure you obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve as an essential front line worker. The Frickey Law Firm has built a reputation for excellence in workers’ comp cases, and we are committed to helping you get the justice you deserve.

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