Machine Damages Man’s Arm While at Work

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Posted: April 27, 2018

With so many different jobs in Jefferson, Colorado, it should come as no surprise that a worker can easily become injured in a variety of situations. Some workers may suffer injuries over an extended period of time from performing repetitive work. For example, an employee who often works with computers may be diagnosed with carpal tunnel at a later date. There are also more sudden work injuries and these are the ones that are usually highlighted in the news. Workers have fallen from ladders, been electrocuted, severed body parts on machinery, and been involved in car accidents. Suffering an injury on the job is much easier than some might think. This is why employers have workers’ compensation plans, allowing injured individuals to recover from their injuries without worrying about their incomes.

One man’s claim against his employer has turned into much more than a workers’ comp claim. According to him, the employer and two contracting companies are liable for the injuries he suffered while working in a mine. His injuries were so damaging that the man decided to file a lawsuit against the defendants.

Records show that on August 11, the man was tasked with spraying off a belt structure with a water hose. According to him, he was not trained for this task and he did not have a supervisor or a black hat miner to help him with the belt structure as required by mine safety regulations. When he was performing his assigned work, the hose was snagged by the belt behind him. It was then pulled into the belt conveyor, dragging the man’s right arm along with it. His limb was crushed by the roller and the belt, leading to several issues that may be permanent.

The suit claims that his severe and permanent injuries include a traumatic burn, nerve injury of the right upper limb, crush injury of the right forearm or upper arm, lumbar facet syndrome, and significant loss of function in his right arm. The man is seeking damages for his suffering from the defendants. If you have been injured on the job, you can seek such damages too. Before doing so, be sure to call a work injury lawyer.

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