Mountain Driving Safety: What to Do to Avoid an Accident

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Posted: February 29, 2024

car accident attorneyDriving in the mountains is a beautiful experience, regardless of the season. Even if you live in the mountains and drive through them every day, there’s always something new to see. However, mountain driving is a skill on its own. Windy roads, switchbacks, and blind curves on hills make mountain driving dangerous on a warm, clear day, never mind in bad weather. Mountain driving safety tips can help you reduce the risk of a car accident.

Check the Weather

Before you head out, always know what the weather is going to be. It may be fine when you leave, but it could be snowing or sleeting, making mountain roads treacherous when you come back.

Keep Your Vehicle Filled

Never let your vehicle get below a half tank of fuel. Should you get stuck or get into a traffic jam because someone wrecked, you’ll be glad for the extra fuel. Additionally, if you are stopped on a steep hill, a quarter tank of fuel may be an empty tank, depending on where the fuel pick-up for the fuel pump is located.


Always brake early, especially on a steep hill. By braking early, you won’t put as much pressure on the brakes since you can press and release them, and they won’t heat up as fast. Additionally, braking early gives you several seconds extra to take evasive action if your vehicle loses braking power. Check your vehicle’s brakes at least every six months, if not more often.

Prevent Overheating

Check your vehicle’s antifreeze frequently to ensure that it is full. You should also check for antifreeze leaks frequently. Don’t get a coolant leak confused with condensation from the air conditioning system. The antifreeze that leaked will have an oily feel and should leave a light red or green tinge on your finer.

Keep an Emergency Kit in the Vehicle

Even if you have four-wheel drive or otherwise feel invincible, you are not immune from getting stuck or getting into a wreck. During the winter, add a change of dry clothing, a blanket for each passenger, and fire-starting materials should you have to wait for help.

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