The 5 Worst Insurance Companies

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Posted: May 16, 2017

Read This Before You Purchase Your Insurance With Any of These Insurance Companies

The American Association of Justice recently published a list of the 5 worst insurance companies. Whether the insurance companies on the list were known to deny claims or delay payments, their tactics have caused policyholders much damage.

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The Ten Worst Insurance Companies

The American Association of Justice names the following 5 insurance companies the worst in the industry. We have included the companies that provide homeowners and automobile coverage in the list below. For a more extensive list, please visit the American Association of Justice Web site:

Name of insurance company Tactics
Allstate Allstate’s CEO, Thomas Wilson, has said, “our obligation is to earn a return for our shareholders.” Allstate has a reputation of denying and delaying claims, and defending their best interests – while policyholders suffer.
AIG AIG is the biggest insurer in the world. Former claims supervisors for AIG attest that AIG uses “all manner of tricks to deny or delay claims.”
State Farm State Farm is America’s largest property and casualty insurance company, and is known for its bad handling of claims following Hurricane Katrina.
Farmers Farmers, a homeowners and auto insurance provider, is known for price-fixing cases of both individuals and businesses.
Liberty Mutual Liberty Mutual has gained a reputation for its “deny, delay, and defend” maneuvers. They no longer offer coverage in certain hurricane-prone states, including Louisiana and Florida.

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