What if You Woke Up With a Foreign Accent?

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Posted: April 9, 2018

Residents of Colorado may have more ways to suffer a brain injury than those of other states. With the prevalence of several outdoor activities like rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding in addition to the normal factors of workplace accidents, car crashes and recreational sports, one might think that people living in Denver would be more aware of the damage that can be done by a traumatic brain injury. Regardless of your personal level of awareness, many people need this potentially life-altering condition to be highlighted.

According to reports, an Australian woman who was involved in a car accident about a decade ago damaged her jaw and back – both were broken. The crash happened and the woman woke up in the hospital. She was slurring her words. Eventually, though, that slur turned into what many recognize as a French accent. Doctors initially told her slurring was the result of the drugs that had been administered. She would later be diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a very rare condition that can appear in cases of extreme brain damage. Last year, another woman developed a French accent after she experienced a seizure brought on by the flu. Extreme migraines in yet another woman caused her to speak in a Chinese accent.

The Australian woman has been speaking in a French accent for eight years now and is speaking out about the struggles that it has caused for her. Imagine suddenly having a German or Russian accent, even though you had never been to either country. There are other syndromes or symptoms that can occur with a brain injury, such as paralysis. Many people who have suffered damage to the brain or spine have found themselves incapable of using certain parts of their bodies.

If someone can be held responsible for the accident that caused such an injury, it is suggested that the victim file a claim against that party to help pay for the medical expenses of the past, present and future.

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