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    6 Tips to Taking Car Accident Photos

    After an accident, your mind is racing with thoughts of who to call, how bad the damage is to your vehicle and whether the other driver is hurt.

    Before you can gather your valuables, call a tow truck and deal with a police report, it is important to take car accident photos. Not only for insurance purposes but also for the peace of mind it will give you if there is a personal injury lawsuit in your future.

    1. Take pictures of damage to your car and other property

    Property damage includes internal and external damage to any vehicles involved, damage to another object or building, and damage to a roadway or sign.

    Snap a picture of any skid marks, debris, or other evidence that the accident occurred

    2.  Document your injuries

    Do this as soon as possible after the accident and in the days following your accident. Some injuries, like bruises, will not show up immediately. As they appear, make sure you document them.

    3. Signs – Not just a Terrible Movie starring Mel Gibson

    Take a picture of the street signs and any contributing factors to the accident, such as obscured traffic signs. The obstruction could be removed after your accident.

    4. Get pictures of everyone at the scene

    You may not get everyone’s contact information in that instance but but a photo of who was there can jog your memory and make it possible for your attorney may want to contact a witness or a police officer about giving testimony.

    5. Take pictures of the other cars

    This includes the make, model, and license plate number of the other vehicles and other parties’ driver’s licenses, insurance, and registration information.

    6. Take Photos of Nearby Houses and Businesses

    Make sure to take pictures of surrounding businesses and homes after an accident. Either party may have a video system or closed circuit camera.  Having photos will help you to remember to contact these businesses later. To learn how to take a panoramic view on your iPhone, click here. If you have an Android, go here.

    Remember to save these photos to the cloud or to your home computer and label each one.

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