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  • Which Cars Have the Worst Safety Ratings?

    There’s one list that carmakers want to avoid at all costs: the list of least safe cars. Granted, autos in general are safer today compared to the 80s and 90s. But with any list, someone has to be at the bottom, so if you’re in the market for a new car you should be aware of which cars are at the bottom of the list. You might save a few dollars on insurance if you make the right choice.

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) evaluates cars “crashworthiness,” or how well they hold up in crash tests. IIHS judges based on five types of collisions: frontal (two types, based on how “head-on” the crash is), side impact, rollover and rear-end collisions. The car’s crashworthiness for each collision is rated as good, acceptable, marginal or poor.

    Writer and researcher Sean Williams took the time to crunch the numbers in the 2014 IIHS report and uncovered the five car companies that had at least two models ranked as “poor.”

    First was Nissan. While Nissan Altima tested well, both the Sentra and Versa sedans ranked “poor” in one of the front impact tests.

    Next on Williams’ list was Jeep. The Patriot ranked “poor” on one of the front impact tests, while the two-door Wrangler failed the side impact test. Interestingly, the Wrangler was the only vehicle of any class to receive a “poor” in that area.

    Hyundai was another manufacturer with two models that failed at least one collision test. Its compact model, the Accent, and its Tucson small SUV rated “poor” for one of the front impact tests. It should be noted that the Hyundai Elantra ranked high in crashworthiness.

    Toyota has many models and three of them come with the “poor” red flag from IIHS. The Prius C, Prius V and RAV4 all failed one of the front impact tests. But three of Toyota’s models, the Highlander, Prius and Camry, ranked high in all tests.

    Finally, Kia had four models with crashworthiness concerns. The Sportage, Forte and Soul all ranked “poor” for one of the front impact tests.  The Sedona failed the rollover  test, which was the only vehicle that IIHS evaluated that managed to fail that one. The Kia Optima was a top safety pick.

    Driving a safe car can’t guarantee your safety on the road of course. Our car accident attorneys have represented car accident victims in Colorado for over 50 years. Contact the Frickey Law Firm today for a free consultation.