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  • Back Injury Lawyer

    Back injuries are unlike most other injuries due to their severity. If you break your leg, for example, you can still lead a reasonably active life by using crutches or being in a cast. A serious back injury on the other hand can leave its sufferers bed-ridden or permanently disabled. Even mild back injuries can leave its victims with recurring issues that will plague them forever. You need a back injury lawyer on your side to make sure you recover financially after a debilitating injury.

    Call the experienced Denver back injury lawyers at the Frickey Law Firm today if you have suffered a serious back injury in an accident or on the job. Back injuries affect every part of your life and can be unpredictable. Our lawyers will work with you in conjunction with medical economists, physical therapists and financial planners to understand the scope of your injuries.

    Once we get a firm grasp of the extent of your injuries, we will develop projections of the expenses you will incur due to future medical treatment, surgeries and loss in quality of life. Based on these projections, our lawyers will represent you to make sure you get the money you need to live a quality life.

    Our Colorado back injury lawyers handle cases for sustained in various kinds of accidents including:

    It is important to seek legal counsel immediately after a back injury, as receiving fair compensation can be a challenge. Insurance companies and their doctors will often times dispute the cause and extent of your injuries. It is common for insurance companies to argue that your back injuries were caused by preexisting conditions, which will result in the insurance company compensating you poorly. Furthermore, worker’s compensation may not cover all of the costs of your injury.

    Our experienced Denver back injury lawyers know the tactics insurance companies use to try and minimize the amount of compensation paid to victims of serious back injuries. Don’t settle with the insurance company. Contact the Frickey Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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