Driver Fell Asleep Before U.S. 85 Fatality, Colorado Troopers Say
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  • Colorado Troopers: Driver Fell Asleep Before U.S. 85 Fatality

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.

    Driver fatigue doesn’t seem as dangerous as driving recklessly or while intoxicated. A lot of drivers get lulled by the repetitive scenery of the Colorado expanses. Nobody falls asleep on purpose, but drivers are negligent when fatigue impairs driving skills and endangers passengers or other motorists.

    The same rule applies for drivers with medication-controlled health conditions. The driver skips a pill and cannot respond properly to traffic. He or she becomes a driving menace. A tired or ill driver may not fit the negligent stereotype, but he or she is responsible when someone is hurt or killed in an accident due to those conditions.

    Three young adults recently died when a vehicle flipped over after running off a Weld County highway. Two others were injured in the car accident, one seriously. The oldest person in the car was the 22-year-old male driver who suffered minor injuries.

    Investigators said the group of friends, ages 18 to 22, was heading along U.S. Highway 85 in a single vehicle when the driver fell asleep. The car missed a curve, struck an embankment and flew into the air.

    When the vehicle landed upside down, three occupants were dead – a 21-year-old airman from F.E. Warren Air Force Base, an 18-year-old woman and the teen’s 21-year-old brother. A second woman passenger was airlifted to a Greeley, Colorado, medical facility where she was listed in critical condition.

    The driver was charged with four misdemeanors for careless driving involving an injury and fatalities. State troopers continue to investigate whether speed or alcohol contributed to the auto accident.

    Drivers who drink choose to do so. Drivers with a known medical condition who fail to medicate properly choose to do so. People who are fatigued while driving also have a choice. Drivers cannot forget the urgency to reach a destination is never as important as the safety of the journey.

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