Denver DUI Suspect Says Littleton Officer's Death Unintentional
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  • Denver DUI Suspect: Littleton Officer’s Death Not Intentional

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Thursday, May 16, 2013.

    A Colorado district attorney will step in to a rare prosecutorial role for a vehicular homicide case involving the death of a suburban Denver police officer. The off-duty Littleton officer was the victim of an Aurora auto accident that authorities blamed on a drunk driver.

    The 37-year-old suspect is a native of Ethiopia whose attorney said was part of an “unforeseeable” crash. An Amharic translator was used in court to explain the multiple serious charges to the non-English speaking driver. Prosecutors said they had no reason to believe the suspect was in the country illegally, even though the man apparently lied to authorities about his address.

    Investigators remain uncertain where the accused man lives and works. The suspect’s attorney assured the court that his client was a U.S. citizen. The defendant apparently holds a Colorado driver’s license and a passport, which he turned over to police officials.

    Prosecutors objected to the suspect’s release after posting $50,000 bond. The state argued the bond was set without proper notice before the suspect’s first court appearance.

    The Littleton officer was killed when his motorcycle crashed into the side of the defendant’s Toyota. The car driver was unharmed. Aurora investigators believe the suspect was intoxicated, careless and failed to yield to the officer’s motorcycle at an intersection. Additional charges are pending toxicology test results.

    The defense attorney stated his client felt remorse for an accident which was never meant to happen. The lawyer mentioned nothing about accusations that the man was intentionally driving drunk at the time of the crash. An intoxicated driver who claims he didn’t mean to hurt anyone fails to recognize that his unspoken actions show a disregard for the safety of others.

    A defendant’s intent affects the severity of criminal charges and the amount of damages awarded in a civil action. Lack of intent does not absolve a defendant’s responsibility for harming or killing another individual.

    Source:, “Man charged with officer’s death out on bail (Updated)” Jennifer Smith, May. 09, 2013