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  • Car Accident Attorneys Specializing in Rear-End-Collisions

    All car accidents are serious, including rear-end car accidents. Even if there is not substantial damage to the car, there is still the increased chance that there will be some sort of injury to your body or that your car insurance rates will rise. In fact, rear-end car accident collisions are still a leading cause of injury in Colorado and throughout the rest of the country.

    Our car accident attorneys are here to help the victims of rear-end car accidents maximize their compensation opportunities for damage to their vehicle as well as the injuries they have suffered. Our qualified attorneys have a strong background in these types of auto accidents and a proven track record of settlements and verdicts.

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    Lakewood and Denver Area Rear-Impact Car Crash Lawyers

    A rear-end car accident can happen any number of ways, including:

    • Drivers not adapting to weather conditions such as icy or wet roads
    • Distracted drivers who are texting, e-mailing, or speaking on a cellphone
    • People who are speeding
    • Individuals who are tailgating or driving too close to other vehicles

    Our lawyers are skilled when it comes to accident reconstruction. We will always be honest with you about your chances of recovery and the amount of damages we can try to recover. We will work with you when it comes to all aspects of your rear-impact car crash case from start to finish.

    Resolving Issues With Insurance Companies

    Our team will not only negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but we will also help you deal with your own insurance claims. We know that Colorado insurers do not offer personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, and that an at-fault driver does not have to pay all costs up front.

    We also know that due to the economy and the rising costs of health insurance, many people do not have private health insurance. Our Denver car accident attorneys  can help you find doctors who will treat you while we resolve your rear-end car accident claim without a lien claim being filed against you.

    Whether the accident involved a truck, a motorcycle or happened while you were driving as part of your job, we will always seek to recover damages from all accountable parties. This may include the other driver’s employers, a leasing company, or even uninsured or underinsured motorists.

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    A rear-end car accident claim can be small or serious. However, at The Frickey Law Firm, we treat every one of these cases seriously. We understand that these accidents disrupt lives and we are here to help our clients restore normalcy by recovering damages.

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