Denver Woman Turns in Boyfriend After Hit-and-Run Accident
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  • Denver Woman Turns in Boyfriend After Seeing Hit-and-Run Report

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2013.

    A man with a long history of Colorado arrests recently was charged with a crash that injured three people. The Denver hit-and-run suspect eluded police for one day before he was arrested at a girlfriend’s apartment.

    Authorities said the man’s car glanced off a utility pole and plowed into a group of people waiting for an afternoon bus. Witnesses said the driver climbed through the car window and walked away from the three, injured pedestrian accident victims.

    A convenience store surveillance camera recorded the fleeing man as did witnesses who snapped photos.

    The 53-year-old man apparently arrived at his girlfriend’s apartment, not far from the accident site, an hour or two later. The woman said her shirtless boyfriend was “sweaty” and laying down on a floor. The woman told a reporter that the boyfriend admitted there was an accident and said he was sorry.

    It was not until the following day the woman learned about the pedestrian collision and recognized her boyfriend on television. The girlfriend phoned police who arrested the man without incident.

    The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has a thick file associated with the accused man. The suspect had been arrested in April for aggravated motor vehicle theft, a charge similar to one already on his criminal record.

    The man allegedly used multiple identities and birth dates in the past. CBI said he previously had been arrested on drug charges, robbery and parole violations. It is unclear which charges led to convictions. A list of current charges against the driver was not contained in news reports.

    Investigators have not stated what caused the driver to lose control.

    The girlfriend’s statements may aid criminal prosecutors and help plaintiffs who file personal injury claims. Police, witnesses and the suspect’s female companion are certain the man was negligent for failing to come to the aid of the injured pedestrians.

    Source:, “Denver police announce arrest in hit and run at Colfax and Josephine: Mark Skipper” Phil Tenser and Marshall Zelinger, Jul. 31, 2013