How an Attorney can Help with Your Workers' Comp Claim
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  • Don’t Get Worked Up About Workers’ Comp

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

    At The Frickey Law Firm, we specialize in Workers’ Compensation job-related injury cases, and have helped many families in times of crisis. Our goals for injured workers are always the same: a speedy recovery, a quick return to work, uninterrupted disability pay, full medical benefits, and a fair settlement.

    An attorney can assure that critical time-sensitive deadlines are met, but it’s important for any employee to know the company’s policies, and the general protocol for handling a job-related injury*.

    After the accident:

    • Immediately report the injury to your supervisor, who should guide you through the whole process.
    • It is essential that you get medical care right away. Your company may have a doctor designated to treat job-related injuries, and, if that’s the case, you must go to that doctor. Follow your company’s procedures. However, your doctor must provide you with at least two different physicians.
    • You must file your injury report in writing within four working days.
    • Obtain any and all forms your company requires, and contact names, phone numbers, emails or website information you may need to follow through on your claim.
    • Document the accident in detail for your own records- write down every single thing you can remember while it is still fresh in your mind. Describe your injuries, note the condition of the area and exactly what you were doing when the injury occurred, other people who may have witnessed the accident, and anything else you think might be relevant. Better to have too much information than not enough, and you may be asked to give a statement to the insurance adjuster. This is not required, and in most cases we advise NOT giving a statement to an insurance adjuster.
    • Call any attorney who specializes in Workers’ Compensation claims. The Workers’ Compensation system is complicated and designed to work against you. Get an attorney with an understanding of the law who will fight to get what you deserve.

    In the days following the accident:

    • Monitor your injuries every day. There will be a healing process- and also the possibility that your condition could deteriorate- so it’s important to keep good records and communicate with your physician.
    • Follow the procedures set by your employer and the insurance company. You will be monitored by the physician and the claims adjuster. Do not allow an adjuster to discuss your injury with the doctor.
    • Follow the guidelines set by your doctor, and keep your employer informed of any restrictions that will affect your job performance.

    The Frickey Law Firm can represent you through any step of the process, including:

    • Assuring that you are getting the proper medical attention and care.
    • Helping you change doctors if you are dissatisfied.
    • Handling all insurance company issues, including the delay of benefits.
    • Representing you at a hearing if your benefits are denied.
    • Negotiating settlements.
    • Determining the viability of a third-party claim.
    • Assuring that you are being treated fairly and adequately compensated.

    Contact Frickey Law Firm at 303-59-LEGAL for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys are specialists and at the top of their field.

    At Frickey, we work hard to protect workers’ rights.

    *This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice.