DUI Suspected in Colorado Pedestrian Accident that Injures 4
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  • DUI Suspected in Colorado Holiday Pedestrian Accident

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2013.

    An Estes Park, Colorado, man, his wife and children were among the spectators headed home from a Fourth of July fireworks display in Grand Lake. State police said the large family was on foot near Shadow Mountain Lake when a pickup truck plowed into them. The 50-year-old father died in the motor vehicle accident.

    The 49-year-old mother of eight suffered serious, unspecified injuries. Three of the couple’s children, ages 3 to 19, were transported by air to Denver hospitals. The oldest and youngest children were in stable but serious condition with non-life-threatening injuries, according to investigators. Five children were unhurt.

    The man driving the pickup also was traveling with a woman and children when the pedestrian accident occurred. The truck passengers were not injured.

    Troopers arrested the 33-year-old pickup driver and charged him with vehicular homicide and several other crimes, including suspected drunk driving, weapons possession during intoxication and child abuse. Reports did not elaborate on why child abuse charges were filed.

    Records showed the driver had a DUI conviction in 2002 for which he was sentenced to a 16-day jail term, fines and two years’ probation. Penalties for a repeat drunk driving offense would be harsh for any driver but especially so for someone whose intoxication led to an injury auto accident or fatality.

    The father’s death may have dealt a permanent financial blow to the surviving wife and children. The mother’s hospitalization also deprived the children of parental support. Medical costs for the injured spouse and children could exceed the family’s available resources and health care coverage.

    The family’s grief is compounded by the effects of seeing a parent or sibling killed or injured. Treatment for psychological trauma could be long term and costly.

    Plaintiffs who file Colorado liability lawsuits seek recovery for expenses associated with physical and emotional harm. Negligent drivers must compensate victims or survivors affected by careless or reckless behavior.

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