Fleeing Drug Dealer Causes Fatal Denver Car Accident
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  • Fatal Denver Crash Caused by Fleeing Drug Dealer

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Monday, April 8, 2013.

    An interrupted drug deal could be the reason a woman panicked in a Denver Burger King parking lot. The suspected drug dealer allegedly was discovered by a security guard making a late afternoon marijuana sale. The woman driver apparently sped away in a Pontiac. In moments, a fatal car accident occurred.

    The restaurant security guard and witnesses told Denver police the reckless driver raced down the street and straight through a red light at an intersection. The car slammed into a vehicle in cross traffic and spun onto a sidewalk. A witness said the second car was hit so violently that the vehicle was shoved “halfway up the block.”

    Passersby removed the victims — the two drivers — from the cars. The woman driver reportedly escaped the accident scene on foot, leaving behind the severely injured second driver. The 85-year-old male victim developed breathing problems at the scene and died on the way to a hospital.

    Denver police announced the following morning that an arrest had been made. The female suspect was picked up during a traffic stop and booked on charges of reckless vehicular homicide and fleeing a traffic fatality. No drug-related charges were made.

    Authorities did not report how the woman driver was linked to the deadly crash. The suspect was wearing a neck brace when she appeared before a judge.

    A driver involved in an accident who fails to stop and assist injury victims commits a crime. He or she may also be held accountable in civil court for victims’ injuries or deaths. Reports indicate the suspect fled twice from consequences — once during a disturbed drug deal and again following the car accident.

    Negligence must be proven before damages are awarded by a jury to personal injury or wrongful death plaintiffs. A defendant’s criminal charges and conviction may be persuasive evidence of wrongdoing, but neither is mandatory for a civil case to be filed.

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