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  • Find a Safe Construction Job In Denver

    There’s a Construction Job Boom in Denver.

    According to the Associated General Contractors of Colorado, the construction industry employs about 175,000 workers. This number is slightly more than the pre-Great Recession peak in 2007. With low unemployment, the number of jobs left unfilled is rising. With more companies hiring, would be employees are in a better position to choose an employer that is a good fit, not only salary wise but safety wise.

    One place to start would be to look for jobs with companies that have been recognized as Top Workplaces by the Denver Post.

    Who Must Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    All public and private employers in Colorado, with limited exceptions, must provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees if they employ one or more people full time, including family members.

    However, certain employment situations may not be covered by workers’ comp. The following is a partial list of scenarios where an employer does not have to have worker’s compensation coverage:

    • Certain casual maintenance or repair work performed for a business for under $2,000 per calendar year.
    • Licensed real estate agents and brokers working on commission.
    • Any person who volunteers time or services for a ski area.
    • Independent contractors.
    • Certain domestic work, maintenance or repair work for a private homeowner that is not done full time.
    • Drivers under a lease agreement with a common or contract carrier.
    • Federal employees and Railroad employees (covered under federal laws).

    What kinds of incidents are covered?

    • Slip and falls
    • Machine entanglement injuries
    • Falling object injuries
    • Car accidents while on the job
    • Repetitive motion injuries

    Slip and falls are most common in construction. If your employer does the following things, you are less likely to be injured in a slip and fall.

    One other way to find out about a potential employer before you take the job is to look for their name on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) website.

    We hope these tips help you find a construction job that is right for you and does right by you. If you are injured on the job, we can help you understand your rights and help you recover both money and your well-being. We can be reached at (303 237-7373.