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  • Health Care(less)

    By The The Frickey Law Firm on Tuesday, August 21, 2012.

    We recently read a Facebook status update that caught our attention. It was posted by Marie, a woman who works in Radiation Oncology in California. She writes:  “I’ve been working in health care for about 18 years now. I’ve noticed a huge change in the service since I started. Costs have gone up, staff has been cut, insurance companies deny more coverage. The bottom line is, insurance companies are making much more money and patients get far less care, while many health care workers are out of a job. I would love to see this problem be solved.”

    There are many reasons why we found this interesting, but especially because it allows us to consider not only the welfare of the patients, but also the health care workers.

    Who can be affected by the firing of a health care worker?

    • The family of the worker – financial and emotional pressures, perhaps loss of their own health insurance
    • The patients – not getting proper care, loss of their livelihood when sick.
    • The families of the patients – loss of income, extreme stress.
    • The remaining staff – longer hours, increased pressure.

    The list can go on and on. Seeing the whole picture is critical in understanding how many lives are adversely affected by the greediness of the insurance companies. And, it’s not a pretty picture. We deserve better, and our families deserve better.

    If you need to fight for your benefits and find yourself confused or intimidated by your insurance company, the attorneys at The Frickey Law Firm may be able to help. We specialize in cases involving Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability and Personal Injury, and deal with insurance companies every single day. Our attorneys are experts in assessing claims, and can determine not only immediate needs, but also the effect on the future of our clients and their families. They see the whole picture, and will fight for what is fair.

    Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your future.