Car Accidents: If You Hit, Don't Try to Run
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  • If You Hit, Don’t Run

    By The Frickey Law Firm on Tuesday, October 30, 2012.

    It seemed like a typical Saturday night for a group of friends. But it wasn’t.

    A young woman’s life ended that night when, as she and her friends were crossing an intersection, she was struck by a vehicle and thrown 200 feet. The driver sped away, she was rushed to the hospital, and died 15 minutes later. According to authorities, the suspect was traveling more than twice the speed limit, and now faces felony charges.

    The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shares that 11% of all car crashes involve a hit-and-run driver, many late at night when “insensate” (i.e. under the influence) drivers are most likely to flee. As AAA’s John B. Townsend II remarked in a recent press release, the trend is troubling, and when anyone involved in a car accident chooses to leave the scene, it’s a crime. In this story, two families lose loved ones – one through death and one through the legal system – and that’s a different type of crime.

    What are the options for the family of this young woman whose life was ended too abruptly? At The Frickey Law Firm, we understand that no amount of money will compensate for the loss of a loved one, but a wrongful death settlement may provide peace of mind. And keeping a reckless driver off the streets may save another family from the same fate.

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