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  • Loveland Councilman Injured in Bicycle Crash

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.

    Colorado residents are likely familiar with the driver charged with a recent auto-bicycle crash in Loveland. Also locally well-known is the victim of the car accident – a Loveland city councilman.

    The local politician was out for a bike ride during the middle of the day when a sport-utility vehicle turned in his path and struck him. Police are preparing to file a misdemeanor charge against the suspected negligent driver, the CEO of MDA Information Systems Inc.

    The aerospace businessman, connected with such high-profile projects as Google maps and the QuickBird 2 satellite image system, apparently was making a left turn when the SUV struck the bicyclist. The victim was reported to have been hospitalized in a Johnstown rehabilitation facility after suffering a concussion, broken ankle and fractured ribs.

    Police forwarded the accident information to the local district attorney’s office for review. A charge of careless driving resulting in injury is expected.

    Because injury was involved in the alleged traffic offense, a conviction on the charge could mean that the satellite image specialist could be jailed for some time. A much shorter sentence, or none at all, is also possible with plea bargaining. Community service and a fine plus court fees might also be attached to a sentence.

    A long recovery could interfere with the victim’s ability to perform his civic duties, collect a salary or return to work. The personal injuries and subsequent rehabilitation are inflicting heavy medical expenses upon the victim and his family.

    The bicyclist could file a personal injury lawsuit against the CEO. A jury may find that the Toyota driver was negligent and responsible for the unexpected economic burden placed on the seriously-injured councilman.

    A settlement of a personal injury case is also possible before a jury trial – an agreement often struck by a driver’s motor vehicle insurance company and the plaintiff.

    Source:, “Loveland satellite pioneer involved in Saturday’s car-bike crash,” Tom Hacker, Dec. 5, 2012