Pikes Peak School Loses 4th Teen Student to Car Accident this Year
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  • Pikes Peak School Loses 4th Teen to Car Crash Within a Year

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Saturday, February 16, 2013.

    Car crashes involving teenagers are often blamed on inexperience and immaturity. While both factors can contribute to Colorado motor vehicle accidents, attorneys, law enforcers, courts and victims know it is not true that teens are always responsible for causing collisions that result in injuries and deaths.

    A Pikes Peak, Colorado, auto accident recently claimed the life of a high school student from the town of Divide. The teenage boy was riding in a vehicle with his sister and brother. The siblings were headed toward Woodland Park High School, where all three were students.

    The teens’ vehicle hit or was struck by a second car turning into a hospital entrance on U.S. Highway 24. The force of the collision drove the students’ vehicle into a utility pole. Reports did not indicate which teen was driving.

    All four people involved were injured. Two of the three siblings and the 60-year-old woman driver in the second vehicle escaped with minor injuries. The remaining teen was admitted to the hospital immediately, where he died a short time later.

    Last summer, three students from the school died in a traffic accident while returning from an out-of-state scouting event.

    Investigators will talk with the woman driver to learn why she was going to the hospital. Was she rushing to work or an emergency? Police will want to know what was happening in the teenagers’ car. Crews will learn how fast the vehicles were going and whether the teen driver attempted to brake before the accident.

    Reports said charges were not filed. The victim’s family may file a wrongful death claim, which is independent of criminal charges.

    A settlement or favorable civil court decision would provide economic damages and possible non-economic compensation. State laws cap noneconomic damages, which a personal injury attorney can explain fully.

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