Colorado Man Wants Breed Ban after Pit Bull Attack
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  • Pit Bull Attacks Elderly Man Who Now Wants Ban On Breed

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm on Thursday, September 20, 2012.

    In many cases, a dog bite is something that can be predicted. A dog can show behavior that lets people know that it is uncomfortable and that it may bite if it believes it has no other options. But in some cases, an animal attack is unexpected and unwarranted. That is what happened when a 77-year-old man was walking through Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    It was Labor Day and the elderly man was walking through the park as part of an exercise regimen that has helped him defend against his stage four cancer. He says that, while on his walk, a pit bull attacked him without warning after coming out of nowhere. According to him, the dog pulled his leg out from under him, swung him onto a patch of grass and went to attack his throat. He put his hand up in defense and, because of that decision, that hand needed reconstructive surgery.

    The owner of the dog pulled the animal off the man. Afterwards, the 77-year-old managed to get across the street where someone in a nearby apartment saw him and phoned emergency services.

    Interestingly, the man is not mad at the dog’s owner – he says that if he saw the man, he would thank him for saving his life by removing the dog.

    In addition to needing reconstructive surgery, doctors have found that the victim has permanent nerve damage and may need physical therapy. After being released from the hospital, the man was readmitted because the dog bite had become infected.

    Once he recovers fully, the man wants to continue eating healthy and exercising but he is anxious about going for walks because of the attack. His daughter has said that physical activity was a very large part of his dedicated health regimen. Due to this, and his anxiety caused by the attack, he wants city and county leaders to consider a ban on the pit bull breed like that seen in Denver.

    Source: KOAA, “Pit bull victim calls for breed ban,” Andy Koen, Sept. 11, 2012