Reason for Fatal Durango Car Accident Eludes Police
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  • Reason For Fatal Accident Near Durango Eludes Police

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm posted on Thursday, January 3, 2013.

    Recently, a car veered into the wrong lane of traffic near Durango and caused a fatal crash. Colorado State Patrol eliminated some possible causes in its initial investigation but has not come up with a clear reason for the auto accident.

    At this time of year, snow-slicked roads are frequently a contributing factor in traffic accidents throughout the state. Snow had nothing to do with the car crash on County Road 141. According to law enforcers, the weekday morning head-on collision happened on a dry road in favorable weather conditions.

    State police investigators also dismissed any influence of drugs or alcohol. The 59-year-old woman whose vehicle crossed the center line was not impaired.

    The woman’s Ford Explorer moved from a southbound lane into the northbound path of a Mitsubishi. The 82-year-old Durango resident whose car was struck died instantly. The Explorer driver was injured and hospitalized. Police reports did not specify how seriously the Farmington woman was hurt.

    Investigators noted that the woman driver had been wearing a seat belt. The elderly driver was not secured in a restraint at the time of the crash.

    A short lapse in good driving judgment may result in life-changing or life-ending circumstances for errant drivers and their victims. Modern-day distractions like mobile electronic devices can divide a driver’s attention long enough for a vehicle to drift across a line and into permanent trouble.

    Colorado State Patrol has not suggested that distracted driving was the cause of the deadly crash outside Durango. A full report of the investigation remains incomplete. Police are also likely to examine the vehicles to decide whether preventable mechanical failure was involved.

    Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits are legal sources of economic relief for accident injury victims and family members whose loved ones are killed by careless drivers. Plaintiffs’ legal counselors must present convincing evidence that negligence was at the heart of an injurious or fatal accident.

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