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Personal Injury – Plaintiff was rear-ended by a semi-truck, pushing him into a truck carrying a front loader. Case was settled at ADR for 3.2 million.


Personal Injury – Plaintiff injured when landlord failed to fix a hole in sidewalk. The case was tried before jury and a verdict of 1.7 million was awarded to our client.


Personal Injury – Driver was struck on driver’s side by the defendant, who failed to yield, and suffered extensive injuries. We settled driver’s case for $625,000.


Workers’ compensation case where the injured worker hurt her toe when it was ran over by a cart. The client developed CRPS. We won a settlement of $300,000 and future medical costs.


Client worked in retail and injured her neck while moving a computer monitor. Her employer’s insurance company denied the case and the Frickey Law Firm went to court and won $230,000.


Workers compensation case where the injured worker suffered burns to his hands. The injured worker recovered and the case was settled for $58,000.00 plus payment of all medical treatment. Prior to the Frickey Law Firms involvement the insurance company offered zero


Workers’ compensation claim – Client worked as a contractor and cut the tip of his finger off. The case was settled for $20,000 and the insurance carrier paid all medical bills.