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  • Rocky Mountain Summer Begins with Teen Fatality

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

    It’s the phone call that no Denver high school or parent wants to get – a student, son or daughter has been involved in a high-speed. Some Colorado students walk away from a car crash with few injuries. Others suffer disabilities that will be with them through their adult lives.

    Teens die in some accidents, usually in collisions that should never have taken place. Police in a nearby state believe a recent crash might have been avoided. The accident seriously injured a 17-year-old male driver and killed his teen passenger.

    The crash occurred on the weekend before the last day of high school. The responsibilities of classes were nearly behind the 16-year-old boy when he climbed in beside his friend in a 20-year-old Honda Civic.

    The boys sped up a Cheyenne, Wyoming, street on a late Saturday night. Something went wrong; the older boy lost control of the Civic. The vehicle careened out of control and slid broadside into a tree. The passenger, days away from becoming a South High School junior, died instantly. The driver was hospitalized in serious condition.

    Local authorities are planning to reconstruct the crash. The wreckage and road will be examined. Measurements and photographs will be added and fed in to a computer program to recreate the accident.

    The emotional shock spread quickly at the high school. What was supposed to be a joyous send off to vacation became a solemn end to the school term. The site of the accident was quickly filled with memorial notes and flowers. One South High student said he visited the site daily to because he liked “remembering” his long-time friend.

    Police did not say whether charges were pending against the survivor. Financial liability for the accident – a wrongful death lawsuit for damages — could be directed toward the teen driver alone or, in certain circumstances, may include the minor’s parents.

    Source:, “Teen killed in weekend car crash” Kelsey Bray, Jun. 12, 2013