Speed Likely a Factor in Fatal Northern Colorado Accident
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  • Speeding Likely Cause of Northern Colorado Fatality

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

    Accidents are recreated by experts to show how they happened. The vehicles’ movement, speed and mechanical conditions are measureable. Investigators need input from drivers, passengers and witnesses to form a complete picture.

    A 46-year-old Evans man lost control of a Pontiac Grand Am in northern Colorado. The injured survivor of the midday, two-vehicle collision may be the only person who can explain why the fatal auto accident occurred.

    The Pontiac was moving fast as it approached an intersection on Colo. 14 near the small community of Ault. The driver veered to the side to avoid striking a car stopped in front of him. The stationary vehicle had been waiting at a stop sign to enter the main highway.

    The vehicle’s sudden jerk to the left caused the Pontiac to lurch forward into the intersection, where the car was broadsided by a pickup truck. The violent collision drove the Pontiac through a sign and a fence. The car driver was airlifted to a nearby hospital with severe but not life-threatening injuries.

    The driver of the pickup died when his truck flipped over during the crash. The 49-year-old Severance man was the curator of the Swetsville Zoo, a popular sculpture park in Timnath. His death was the 10th traffic fatality in the county this year.

    The driver of the car that the Pontiac swerved to miss may have had a bird’s eye view of the crash. The witness could reinforce suspicions that the Pontiac was speeding.

    An interview with the Pontiac driver may uncover proof of a medical condition or distraction. A chemical test will determine whether the driver was impaired. No criminal charges had been filed at the time of the report.

    Financial liability for car accident injuries and deaths is not always linked to a crime. A Colorado civil court would base a wrongful death award on driver negligence, not necessarily the defendant’s intentions.

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