Denver Attorneys Bring Personal Approach to Personal Injury
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  • The Personal Side of Personal Injury

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm on Monday, June 25, 2012.

    Behind every personal injury claim is… a person! A person with a life that has been altered – possibly forever – by an unfortunate accident. The effects can be staggering, and detrimental to one’s existence. The job of a Personal Injury attorney is to attempt to bring that person’s life back to normal. And that is definitely not as simple as it might seem.

    Think about the potential long-term effects of an accident – beyond the injuries, lost wages, and Workers’ Comp and Disability claims. Think about the families, the fact that someone’s livelihood has been threatened, and about the possibility that some injuries are likely to resurface. Think about the future and the possible vulnerability. Just think.

    Making a Personal Injury claim can be intimidating and scary, and may elicit negative commentary from friends and family. What is important to remember is the point of Personal Injury Law is not to hurt the person being sued, it’s to ensure the future well being of the injured person and their family. You need to do what is necessary to protect yourself, and your family’s future.

    The Frickey Law Firm will fight for every benefit available to you if you’ve been injured. Our attorneys have years of experience and are specialists in the field of Personal Injury. A good, happy life shouldn’t be derailed by an accident… we’ll help you get back on track.