I-70 Pileup Blamed on Careless Semi Truck Driver
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  • Trucker Blamed for Carelessness in Colorado I-70 Pileup

    On behalf of The Frickey Law Firm, posted in Car Accidents on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

    Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon was slick with snow and ice the night of a recent traffic pileup. Colorado State Patrol reported a 41-year-old driver lost control of a tractor-trailer hauling a cement tanker. Authorities later blamed the out-of-state trucker for triggering several motor vehicle accidents.

    Investigators said the truck jack-knifed on the slippery road and slammed into a barrier in the median. The auto accident stretched across the width of the eastbound lanes.

    A Gypsum driver saw the disabled truck and stopped her car before striking it. The 36-year-old woman remained in a vulnerable and dangerous location.

    The drivers of two other vehicles were unable to hit the brakes in time. A second tractor-trailer struck the rear of the disabled semi-truck. A pickup truck slammed sideways into the wreckage and also hit the car that had managed to avoid the initial crash.

    Police said six other vehicles were damaged in accidents leading up to the site of the other collisions. State patrol reported no injuries.

    The operator of the jack-knifed rig was charged with careless driving. The maximum penalties for a Colorado non-injury careless driving conviction are a one-year jail term and fines up to $1,000.

    The out-of-state trucker could have been driving too fast for slippery road conditions to meet a rigid delivery deadline. Secondary accidents in the backlog also may have been caused by speeding drivers.

    Injury accident victims require proof of a defendant’s negligence to receive compensation for damage claims in civil court. Settlements and jury awards provide economic relief when harm is traced to defendants’ direct or indirect careless behaviors.

    Commercial vehicle operators may be named as defendants, but others also could share the blame. A truck driver’s employer or leasing company might also be named in a civil suit. Mechanical failure and speeding or fatigue may be linked to trucking companies who bend or break employment and transportation laws.

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