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  • Contingent Fee Agreement

    Today, few people can afford to hire a lawyer who charges by the hour. At The Frickey Law Firm, we don’t get paid until you do. The only attorney fee we receive is a percentage of what you receive. No settlement or award – no fee. It’s that simple. And we put that in writing.

    That’s where the Contingent Fee Agreement comes in. It’s straight forward and to-the-point. Legalese is kept to a minimum. After we investigate your case and believe we can help, we will do our best to bring your case to a successful conclusion. If we can’t help you, you pay no attorney’s fee.

    In any legal case, there will be costs and expenses, such as those for medical records or filing the lawsuit. You must pay these – win, lose or draw. At The Frickey Law Firm, however, at the conclusion of your case, you reimburse us for costs we have paid on your behalf. We work hard to keep your costs to a minimum and will account for every penny. Our Disclosure Statement explains how this all works.

    Fairness is the key. Our Contingent Fee Agreement and Disclosure Statement are just two examples of the way we do business at The Frickey Law Firm.

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