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  • Verdicts and Settlements

    At The Frickey Law Firm we pride ourselves on results, whether it is a million dollar settlement or the resolution of outstanding medical bills or property damage as a result of an accident or injury. Because each case is different and there are numerous variables to consider in determining the value of your case, we can not guarantee that your case will have the same outcome, but we are proud of our jury verdicts and settlements of $1.48 and $1.5 million dollars, both as a result of automobile accidents one involving a commercial vehicle for a client who developed a painful neurological condition known as RSD and the other for a client who prior to coming to our law firm had been represented by an attorney who was disbarred and had not really done his job in gathering the evidence necessary to present to the jury. We agreed to help her and without the ability to submit any additional evidence were able to achieve this result.

    We have settled numerous cases over the years including a $1.5 million dollar (policy limit) settlement for a motorcycle passenger who was injured when a car turned out in front of the motorcycle she was riding on.

    Our workers compensation attorneys have resolved hundreds of workers compensation cases, and are listed in the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation approved attorney list as attorneys who have met certain criteria regarding expertise in workers compensation claims:

    This year an examples of some of the workers compensation cases The Frickey Law Firm has settled include cases with values up to $1.2 million dollars for a client with RSD; recently settled cases for clients for $157,500.00; $32,500.00 for a client with left foot and ankle injury; $60,000 plus life time medical benefits for a client with a low back injury; a client with a torn rotator cuff of his shoulder received $50,000 in cash and a monthly annuity payment for 10 years in addition to money for future medical treatment.

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