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    It’s not typical that I will go out to someone else’s website and write a review, but I just felt Adam McClure and the Frickey firm just helped me so very much, that I just had to say something nice. So, I’ve never been involved in a Workers’ Compensation case, so I did not know the process at all. Obviously, my ex-employer had an insurance company, a Human Resources staff, and an attorney in their corner, and they tried to settle very quickly for much less than I finally received. Adam and staff did just an excellent job of keeping me informed, providing not only options, but by also using his knowledge to get me the most possible for my case, and also insuring I was medically fine. I would “HIGHLY” recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal expertise, am not getting paid to say any of this, and after getting to meet some of the voices on the phone, I found that I liked just about everyone I met there! Adam & staff – Again, my sincere thanks!

    Rich Dziomba

    I highly recommend Frickey Law Firm to anyone needing the Services that they provide! Although the legal process may not be the most expedient and you need patience and understanding an open ear and have someone representing you who IS patient and understanding also , someone who is willing to walk you step by step with YOUR responsibilities and understanding of frustration along the way.. The ENTIRE staff at Frickey Law Firm have every one of those qualities. If ever we need an attorney office to represent us Frickey will be our Firm of choice. A huge THANKS for taking care of us with Results, a Kind Ear, and a great education along the way.
    Ray S.

    Good Morning, Janet Frickey

    We wanted to drop you a letter of appreciation, on the outstanding job that “Kathy Welsh” has done with your firm at Frickey . . .We, because of her work ethic and total professionalism, are able to save our home . . . We are now in a trial Mod/90Day/program . . She was very reliable, dependable, and honest . . . We really appreciate her efforts and we just wanted you to know, she is a valuable part of the Frickey Law Firm, We tried 3 other companies with a year of stress, with little to no help . . . “Kathy” along with Adam, and Dan . . . Made this possible, thanks so much again.

    Sincerely, Pete and Sherri C., P.S. Hope to meet you soon . . . HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

    “I was hurt at work in March 2007 very badly. I did not know what I was going to do, but the Frickey Law Firm came to see me in the hospital, listened to what happened and took my case on the spot!

    They helped me through all the pain and hardships. Thanks to Adam McClure and Janet Frickey, they saw me through the very end.

    I owe it all to them!”

    My sincerest thanks,
    Paul S.

    “What can I say but “WOW!” Wow that when I was at the point of giving up because of how frustrating this whole situation was,The Frickey Law Firm was there to remind me they were on my side! I will and would highly recommend this professional team to anyone needing the assistance of a law firm.”
    Darline S.

    “I am writing this letter in appreciation for your service during my case.
    Words cannot describe my appreciation for all of your help and attention. I will refer your service to any of my co-workers, friend and family. Again, thank you for all your help. I will remember you and your group.”
    Guadalupe M.

    “I am very pleased to have been associated with The Frickey Law Firm since my car accident. It’s been a privilege and honor to receive your assistance through the years. The recovery process is difficult, but I am proud to have The Frickey Law Firm working hard to recover funds available through the insurance companies. Being a disabled individual, I am thankful for being treated with kindness and also restored my human dignity beyond the car accident injury.”
    Cheryl A.

    “The Frickey Law firm was there when I needed them most. They are more than a law firm, they are like family to me. At the end of a very long and painful ordeal, the Frickey Law Firm got me top dollar. I cannot say enough about this firm. They treated me with kindness, made me feel like family, and took excellent care of me in every way.
    Judith R.

    “Thank you to Janet Frickey and all members of her staff. At the time that they took my case I felt lost and extremely despondent. My life had taken a drastic turn and I felt I had no options open to me. Janet and her staff listened to my story and explained all my options. Options I didn’t even know I had. Janet worked very hard to help me not only to recover physically, but emotionally and financially as well. No one has ever worked so hard on my behalf. I truly do not know where I would be today without Janet and her staff.”

    “The accident that I was involved in left me helpless, alone, and fragile, maybe even traumatized. But being treated like a human being instead of a number made me realize that I have an honorable, honest, competent, patient law firm handling my case. In fact it’s been difficult for me to trust people. But my whole experience had made me feel truly cared for. Now I can appreciate life once again. Not just the money recovered on my behalf, but to restore my dignity. The Frickey Law Firm has gone beyond the call of duty to help me. I’m proud to be represented by one of the very best law firms in Denver.”

    Cheryl A.

    “I called several other attorneys’ offices before choosing the Frickey Law Firm. Everyone was so polite and really interested in trying to help me. Any time there was a new development I was informed. Thanks to The Frickey Law Firm I can train for a new career and a new life! I hope I never need the services again, but if I do, there will be no second thoughts, I will only call The Frickey Law Firm.”
    Ramona D.

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