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January 26, 2018
There are many ways that a person can sustain a spinal cord injury in Colorado. Some of the most common ways include motor vehicle accidents, falls and sports injuries. Nearly everyone in the state participates in one or more activities that expose individuals to situations in which they may find… Read Full Post
January 19, 2018
The flu is still here, just as strong as ever. And, before we know it, allergy season will be here, too – not just here, but… here, there, everywhere! All over the news, the schools, the office… and even on our roads. When someone takes over-the-counter cold and flu medications, can it affect their… Read Full Post
December 22, 2017
The National Council on Compensation Insurance has added more data to its 2006 study of workplace injuries. According to the study, the workers’ compensation claims that come from motor vehicle accidents are more severe than many other types of claims. Traffic accidents are prevalent and pervasive… Read Full Post
December 04, 2017
A 28-year-old woman from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, was on her honeymoon when she and her husband were in a car crash in New Zealand. As a result, her husband died and she suffered a severe brain injury. She spent the following two weeks in a coma in a hospital there before she was transported by… Read Full Post
November 13, 2017
Do you sometimes consider wearing a seat belt to be an inconvenience? Have you ever wondered if they are truly necessary? Reminders to buckle up are everywhere – from billboards to radio spots to the warning alarms in our cars – and 49 states currently have seat belt laws. The nationwide seat belt… Read Full Post
June 07, 2017
In April 2013, a jury awarded $11.5 million to a Colorado high school football player who suffered a brain injury during practice and is now partially paralyzed. The jury found a helmet manufacturing company partially at fault for failing to properly warn about concussion dangers. Football player… Read Full Post
June 05, 2017
For years, there has been debate about the legalization of marijuana. For many, it was hard to envision a state legalizing marijuana for any purpose other than medical use. Recently, however, Colorado legalized the limited use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Nonetheless, there are… Read Full Post
May 26, 2017
Colorado distracted driving accidents can result from many types of negligent behavior. Using cell phones and other handheld electronic devices, eating, applying makeup, and talking to passengers are among the most common reasons for a driver to forget about the road for only a second or two. Just… Read Full Post
May 22, 2017
Personal injury victims of drunk drivers and other car accidents related to intoxication have the same rights as other plaintiffs. But one additional aspect of these cases is the added evidence of negligence that a criminal conviction can provide. Recent data released by the Colorado Department of… Read Full Post
May 20, 2017
Maintaining a respectable presence online in social media profiles is important for many reasons, from job and college applications to business goodwill and professional reputations. One aspect of an online presence that people may fail to consider is the way they may be perceived in a court of law… Read Full Post