New Amazon Delivery Drivers Face Higher Threat of Injury

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Posted: January 25, 2021

Are you an Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) driver who got hurt during your first year of work? You’re not alone. New contractors who deliver packages for Amazon are suffering on-the-job-injuries at a higher rate than other delivery drivers in Colorado.

The Denver Post found that 58% of all delivery injury claims made to Pinnacol Assurance, a leading workers’ compensation insurance provider, involve workers in their first year on the job. The percentage of injury claims for Amazon DSPs in their first year is much higher. It sits at a staggering 93%.  

The increased demand for package delivery due to the pandemic is thought to be a factor. However, it can’t be allowed to undercut the safety of hardworking delivery associates.  

Common Amazon Delivery Driver Injuries

Pinnacol analyzed its Amazon DSP workforce claims in Colorado and found that these were the most common causes of worker injury in 2020:

  1. Slip, trip, and fall
  2. Muscle strain
  3. Environment (including dog bites)
  4. Vehicle accidents
  5. Worker striking an object (such as a fence post)

Recovering Compensation as an Amazon DSP Driver

Work injuries tend to be expensive. In addition to being burdened with medical bills, you may be unable to perform your job duties. The good news is that there are several potential ways for you to recover compensation as an Amazon DSP driver.

First, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. It can pay for your medical care and provide benefits such as wage replacement.

If you fell on an icy sidewalk or were bit by a dog, a personal injury lawsuit may pave the way for maximum financial recovery. Our attorneys can help you decide what to do.

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