Workers Compensation

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July 09, 2018
We’ve been helping injured workers with their workers’ comp claims for many decades and developed a list of common questions about workers’ comp in Colorado. Q: When Can I File For Workers’ Compensation? A: As quickly as possible and within four days. If you’ve been injured or become ill at work… Read Full Post
July 07, 2018
Picking a career path doesn’t usually involve reviewing workplace injury and fatality statistics; however, many Colorado workers have legitimate reason to worry about a workplace injury or illness. Knowing about dangerous jobs in Colorado can lead to a more informed job selection process. Plus,… Read Full Post
June 20, 2018
On-the-job injuries are more common than you may think. Millions of people suffer work-related injuries every year and file for workers’ comp. In 2015, nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries were reported in the United States. That’s an average of almost 8,000 injuries per day. According to… Read Full Post
May 31, 2018
Denver construction sites can be dangerous places to work. Employees operate machinery that moves and lifts objects weighing tons. Any miscalculation by an employee can cause objects to slip, slide or fall. At the same time, construction industry employers are expected to adhere vigilantly to local… Read Full Post
May 11, 2018
If you don’t believe you could be injured due to the fault of another party, it is likely you would be wrong. A recent poll that surveyed 2,000 people in July discovered the average person will suffer more than 10,000 injuries, illnesses and accidents throughout her or his lifetime. This includes… Read Full Post
May 04, 2018
A number of people in Colorado are finding jobs as independent contractors nowadays. Whether it be working from home or performing manual labor, the entities providing work do not list independent contractors as employees. This means that they do not benefit from employer insurance coverage and… Read Full Post
April 27, 2018
With so many different jobs in Jefferson, Colorado, it should come as no surprise that a worker can easily become injured in a variety of situations. Some workers may suffer injuries over an extended period of time from performing repetitive work. For example, an employee who often works with… Read Full Post
March 08, 2018
Workers in Denver, Colorado, may be uncertain of their rights. Because of this, they should consider contacting an attorney to determine what they should and should not pursue when they feel wronged by their employers. For instance, a group of Hispanic workers recently filed a complaint with the… Read Full Post
February 28, 2018
As companies downsize and employees’ workloads are substantially increased, stress-related illnesses and injuries are becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. When there is a conflict between increased job demands and the amount of control an employee has over meeting those demands,… Read Full Post
February 19, 2018
Many of us are busy every day, stressed and stretched beyond our limits. We take on more than we should and that can lead to little mistakes here and there. For most of us, mistakes aren’t too costly and can be fixed, but in the medical profession, any misstep can cost a life. One of the fastest-… Read Full Post