Motorcycle Accidents

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June 15, 2023
Summer is here everyone, and that means fantastic weather to get out there and go for a motorcycle ride. It also means more people out on the road and more chances that someone else's negligence could lead to you having an accident. If this were to happen we here at The Frickey Law Firm want you to… Read Full Post
January 30, 2023
At Frickey Law of Lakewood, Colorado, our team of attorneys works with individuals who have experienced personal injuries. Bicycle accidents often happen in our town, thanks to our beautiful weather. But what steps can you take to reduce the chances of being hurt or injured by others while biking… Read Full Post
October 15, 2022
A motorcycle accident can completely upend your life. If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit against the other driver or their insurance company to recover money for your losses, then you are probably wondering what to expect. The answer depends on the damages you have sustained. Our attorneys… Read Full Post
July 15, 2022
You can ride your bike for many reasons, including being healthy, environmentally friendly, and having fun. Despite those great reasons to ride a bike, someone is always at risk of causing an accident. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents can have disastrous results.  In summer, more people are… Read Full Post
July 20, 2021
Winter may seem like the most dangerous season for driving. However, drivers actually face a higher risk of being hurt or killed in a car accident during the summer months. Here are five factors that make crashes more common in warmer weather: Teen drivers: High school and college-aged drivers… Read Full Post
June 22, 2021
The start of summer marks the height of motorcycle season. As a two-wheel enthusiast, you probably take your bike out for everything from mountain trips to city commuting. But all that time on the road increases your risk of a motorcycle accident.  Motorcyclists were about 29 times more… Read Full Post
July 11, 2018
If you are the loved one of a motorcyclist, you have reason to be worried. Eighty percent of all reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). That makes it all the more important for all motorists, on a bike or in a… Read Full Post