Hospitals, Among Other Things, Can Cause Brain Injuries

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Posted: December 11, 2017

There are many ways that a brain injury can occur: car accidents, recreational sports, being exposed to an explosion, a slip or fall and oxygen deprivation, etc. Any of these can occur in Colorado, and that means that residents should be knowledgeable of both the causes and effects of a brain injury.

Brain injuries are hard things to treat, especially when medical assistance is not sought. Doctors and medical workers do not know everything there is to know about the condition as of yet, but even so, they are trained in ways to avoid their occurrence. That is why one woman is suing a hospital she went to in 2010. According to her, she was at the facility to receive treatment for Crohn’s disease.

She alleges that she suffered a brain injury after being given the wrong medication. Her medical malpractice claim indicates that she was supposed to receive liquid Gravol but was given insulin instead. According to her, this caused her to lose consciousness while she was in the bathroom. She then hit her head on the floor. Since then, the woman says that vision problems, dizziness and cognitive problems have plagued her.

Her suit names two nurses, two doctors and the hospital the incident allegedly occurred at as defendants. She has yet to prove her case and is seeking an unknown amount of compensation for her condition.

There are other ways that a hospital can cause a brain injury to occur: the improper transport of patients and sudden or prolonged deprivation of oxygen are just two ways that this may occur. Patients and loved ones that spend time with them at the hospital should keep a watchful eye on what happens at the hospital so that such mistakes and the long-term effects of brain injuries can be avoided.

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