Cyclist Safety Tips To Avoid Vehicular Accidents

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Posted: August 31, 2023

cyclist injuryFrom benefits to the environment to improvements to health, cycling is a great way to get around. Unfortunately, cyclists have to share the road with motor vehicles. Because of the difference in size, weight, and structural safety, cyclists face far more risk of injury than their motor vehicle counterparts. 

Being injured due to the recklessness or inattentiveness of a driver can be distressing. Here are safety tips for cyclists to avoid motor vehicle accidents

The Appropriate Bike For You 

Bicycle safety begins before you even get on the road. Ensuring you have the proper bike for you and your needs can help mitigate cyclist-motor vehicle injuries. From mountain bikes to sports bikes, each bike has different weight distributions and differences in handling. Make sure you consider this before riding as improper handling due to unwieldy bikes can increase risk out on the road.

Wear A Helmet

Last year alone, the state of Colorado reported over a thousand bicycle-motor vehicle accidents. Even with varying degrees of severity, failure to wear safety gear can result in even more injury and suffering. Bicycle helmets need to undergo severe testing and are subject to federal regulations. They are designed to keep you safe and should be a must if you ride on the road.

Make sure you choose a helmet that has CPSC/ CPSC 1203 certification. This marks them as compliant with standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Wear Visible Clothing 

Making yourself easier to see can be the difference between continuing your ride and an accident. Wearing reflective or bright clothing can help keep you in the attention of the driver of a motor vehicle. 

Be Vigilant 

Drivers may not pay attention to the road, but you must. Road hazards, pedestrians, other cyclists, and motor vehicles, are all potential points of risk out on the road. Making sure you are keeping your attention on the road by going at a reasonable pace while keeping at least one hand on the handlebars is necessary to keep safe. 

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Struck By A Vehicle? 

If you are a cyclist injured in a car accident, it is first essential to seek medical treatment. Then you must prepare for a personal injury claim. You have up to three years in Colorado to file a claim but don’t delay. 

Gathering evidence such as medical reports, police reports, statements, and photographs can all take time. That’s why working with an attorney is recommended. They can handle the responsibility of building your claim while you focus on recovery. 

The Frickey Law Firm Helps Colorado Cyclists Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents 

Located in Lakewood, CO, the Frickey Law Firm has been helping the people of Colorado for years. If you’ve been hit by a car or other vehicle while on a bike, you could be entitled to financial recuperation. 

Allow us to help. Our law firm won’t collect our fees unless we are able to recover for you. Request a free consultation today to see how we can help you after a cyclist-motor vehicle accident. 

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