Premises Liability Suit Ends in Settlement, Dismissal of Case

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Posted: April 23, 2018

Everyday life is full of ways that a person can suffer an unexpected injury. Be it in a car crash or during a run, the human body can be quite susceptible to damage. With this in mind, companies should be aware that the conditions that they keep their facilities in are important and if they are found in neglect, the organizations can be held liable. Slip and fall accidents are prime examples of this and a recent one involving the retail store Target involves a woman who eventually agreed to an undisclosed settlement.

The lawsuit, which was filed in September, accused Target of negligence, disregarding the safety of its customers. The woman who suffered injuries due to this alleged negligence said that water was recklessly left in an aisle while she was shopping at one of the company’s stores. The water caused the floor to become hazardous and she slipped and fell because of it, according to the claim, which said that Target had a duty of reasonable care to protect its patrons from dangerous or defective conditions existing in its facilities and on its premises, particularly those that the company knew or should have known existed. Due to the company’s negligence, the woman claimed she was injured and forced to seek out medical treatment. This treatment translated into expenses that she believed Target was responsible for addressing.

In addition to the physical and financial damages caused to the woman, there were others that concerned her husband. The suit claimed he was deprived of her consortium and services, leading him to perform duties in her stead while she was recovering from her injuries. But the lawsuit never made it to trial. The two parties met for mediation in late May and an agreed order of dismissal was filed in late June without the terms of the settlement being disclosed. This case should help others who have suffered injuries due to defective conditions on the premises of another party to realize that they can file a claim, something that is much easier with the help of a slip and fall lawyer.

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