Man Fights Against Odds After Spinal Cord Injury

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Posted: December 8, 2017

A number of accidents can take away a person’s functional abilities in an instant. All it takes is some severe damage to the spine and anyone can lose the ability to walk, sit, hug or grab. Many people in Colorado know that a spinal cord injury can cause a person to become paralyzed, but few live with the effects of experiencing one. Take a 25-year-old man who attempted a triple flip into a foam-filled pit in a gym.

Instead of landing in the foam, he landed head-first on the foundation beneath the foam. Because of his extensive injuries, he became a quadriplegic. The 25-year-old’s injury occurred in June 2008 and he has been thinking about that day ever since. When asked if he gets sad about not being able to live the life of athletics and motion that he once did, he says that he does not get depressed when remembering his former life.

Instead, he uses it as motivation to keep him working toward recovery. He works out on a daily basis and pushes himself regularly so that his muscles can become strong enough to support him again. The man participates in all sorts of different rehabilitation therapies in order to retrain his damaged nerves so that he may one day regain full control of his body.

Since his accident, the 25-year-old managed to return to school and graduate from a university with a high grade point average and a degree in recreation management.

The injured man was also lucky enough to receive a complete home makeover from a reality television show. Because of that makeover, he has access to a therapy room in his home that includes an adapted treadmill, an electrical stimulation bicycle and a therapy pool where he trains with an exercise specialist. In recent weeks, he has been able to sit up without support and can now wave.

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