Social Media and the Consequences of Car Accidents

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Posted: May 20, 2017

Maintaining a respectable presence online in social media profiles is important for many reasons, from job and college applications to business goodwill and professional reputations. One aspect of an online presence that people may fail to consider is the way they may be perceived in a court of law after a criminal arrest, car accident or other incident that leads to legal action.

In one recent high-profile Colorado case, a young driver who was involved in a drunk driving accident was subjected to a maximum sentence in criminal court after Facebook postings showed the defendant partying after the accident. Similarly, evidence of reckless behavior and drunkenness could become relevant in a personal injury or wrongful death claim after a hit-and-run accident or other negligent action.

In today’s round-the-clock media environment, the first thing many journalists or investigators will do to research a person is consult their online reputation via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other online places for sharing life’s details. A person who already is suspected in media reports of negligent and reckless actions looks particularly guilty and liable when local news reports reveal ongoing irresponsible behavior.

One of the most important services provided by a car accident attorney is to ensure that as much information as possible is put before a jury to help them understand a defendant’s liability and the extent of damages. Because evidence is governed by a complex set of rules and legal doctrine, a personal injury lawyer must act assertively to protect a client’s interests and ensure that a defendant’s actions are fully revealed to the court.

Whether a person is harmed in a motorcycle accident, truck accident or crash between a car and a pedestrian, legal action is often necessary to secure full compensation for injuries or the long term financial impact of a wrongful death. A Denver car accident attorney can explain all aspects of the case and help clients identify all potentially liable parties so that bad behavior of all sorts is held accountable.