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  • Liability Waivers – Fact or Fiction?

    By The Frickey Law Firm posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.  (You can read an updated post about liability waivers here.)

    You sign them at yoga class. At the gym. When river rafting or renting a snowmobile. But what exactly IS a Waiver of Liability? When you sign on the dotted line and check all the boxes, do you waive all of your rights? Not necessarily.

    A liability waiver – also known as a participation or release form – is intended to protect the business owner. It’s a contract. And, as with anything you sign, you should read the waiver carefully. Most of us trust that, when committing to event/class participation, the purveyor has taken all precautions to protect the client – they hire qualified instructors and continually monitor equipment and environment for safety.

    As a consumer you are obligated to work within the guidelines presented. But what if you use caution, follow all the rules and still get injured? Contact a personal injury attorney.

    Personal responsibility is one thing, negligence is another. The attorneys at The Frickey Law Firm can assess the situation and determine if you have a case to pursue.

    Don’t think just because you signed on the dotted line that you signed your life away. We may be able to help. Call 303-237-7373 for a free consultation.