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Can I Recover Damages from a Slip and Fall Accident?

July 12, 2019
Property and business owners have an obligation to keep premises safe for guests. If you slip and fall on another party’s property due to their negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and suffering. The personal injury lawyers at the Frickey Law Firm know that slip and fall accidents can be severely disruptive to your life. We are experienced at holding negligent parties responsible and getting our clients justice in these types of cases. Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents Reasonable action must be taken by property and business owners to secure and repair hazardous conditions. The following are some examples of potentially dangerous circumstances that can… Read Full Post

What to do if you are Injured in a Work-Related Car Accident

July 02, 2019
Workers who are injured in a motor vehicle accident while driving or riding for work-related purposes may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Knowing your rights and what to do if you are in a work-related car accident are important factors in being able to recover damages for your injuries. The car accident attorneys at The Frickey Law Firm can help you determine the best course of action if you were involved in a car accident while on the clock. We will analyze the circumstances around the accident in order to assess whether you are entitled to workers’ compensation or other compensation for your injuries. Learn more about what to do if you are injured in a work-related car accident… Read Full Post
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What Age Group has the Safest Drivers?

June 11, 2019
If the thought of being a passenger in a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old makes you a bit nervous, you are not alone, and you are justified in your concern. Similarly, you may have found yourself as a passenger in an elderly person’s vehicle and felt just as anxious. Experience, cognition, reaction time, and distracted driving all factor in to how age affects driver safety. As such, middle-aged adult drivers are positioned as the safest drivers statistically. Unfortunately, even if you never set foot in a teen or elderly driver’s vehicle and are a safe driver in the safest driver demographic, you still must share the road with younger and older drivers. If you’ve been injured in a car… Read Full Post

What To Do After a Commercial Trucking Accident

May 29, 2019
Although most truck drivers are responsible and attentive, sometimes a careless driver causes a crash. Or, the fault may be traced all the way back to negligent hiring practices, inadequate training, improper truck maintenance or other instances in which the trucking operation is cutting corners. If you believe the truck crash that injured you was caused by someone else's negligence or was otherwise someone else's fault, then we encourage you to contact our attorneys in Lakewood, CO, at 303-237-7373. We provide a complimentary consultation. Our staff is fluent in English and in Spanish. Call today to find out how we can help you pursue justice. Steps to Take in the Moments, Hours, Days… Read Full Post

Texting While Driving Just As Dangerous As Drunk Driving

May 29, 2019
According to, the federal government’s website for distracted driving, drivers who text or use hand-held devices are four times more likely to be involved in an accident. Although this fact has long been circulated in the media, it would seem that the threat of a car accident is not enough for many people to put down their phones while behind the wheel. However, the results of a recent study may make them want to rethink their position. According to the study, published in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention, texting while driving is as dangerous as driving with a blood alcohol level that is twice the legal limit. To conduct the study, researchers from several… Read Full Post

Hurt in a Semi-Truck Crash?

April 26, 2019
Late Thursday afternoon, April 25th, four semis and 24 vehicles were involved in a devastating crash on I-70 near the Colorado Mills Mall. The driver of the semi that caused the accident was charged on Friday morning, April 26th, with vehicular homicide. Investigators are still trying to piece together what happened. The driver, who has not been identified, was not seriously injured, officials said. There's no evidence of drugs or alcohol, officials said.  Semi accidents are unique. Owners, semi-truck drivers, and manufacturers of semi-trucks must comply with state and federal regulations. Due to the seriousness of accidents caused by big rigs, there are laws about how much weight the… Read Full Post

Safety Tips for Driving in the Rocky Mountains

March 31, 2019
Living in Denver, we have access to amazing skiing, beautiful scenery, fantastic hiking, and more. However, getting to our destination can mean driving in potentially hazardous conditions. The Rocky Mountains are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. When driving in the mountains, it is of the utmost importance to be prepared for bad conditions at all times. It may be clear and sunny when you leave Denver, but the weather can change on a dime, and it may be rainy, snowy, or foggy by the time you leave. No matter how used to driving in poor conditions you are, there is always the chance that another person on the road is not. If you were injured in a car crash caused by someone else’s… Read Full Post
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Recovering Compensation from an Uber or Lyft Car Accident

March 22, 2019
Do you know the laws for recovering compensation when you're in a car accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver? It's a complicated process involving numerous factors. Here is a quick guide to who is responsible: Schedule Your Consultation Today If you were injured in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, you shouldn't have to go through the convoluted compensation process alone. The Frickey Law Firm will stand by your side and help you recover physically, emotionally, and financially from your injuries. We serve people in Lakewood, Denver, Boulder, and nearby areas of Colorado. Call (303) 416-6092 today to schedule a free consultation.

What to Do If You’re Injured in an Uber Car Accident

February 26, 2019
Ridesharing services have become increasingly popular over the last decade, as more people turn to Uber or Lyft instead of relying on a cab or a designated driver. Rideshare services are cheap and convenient, two qualities that people value in today’s post-recession, technology-forward society. However, the relatively new nature of ridesharing means that there may be some confusion over what your rights are as a passenger. If your Uber driver is involved in a car accident while driving you to your destination, can you recover compensation if you’re injured? Luckily, the answer is usually yes. If you were injured while riding as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft, call the Frickey Law Firm at… Read Full Post
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Delayed Symptoms After an Accident

February 13, 2019
If you were in a car accident, you should get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible, even if you think you were not injured. This is because there are many types of injuries that may not manifest symptoms right away. Visiting a doctor as soon as you can after a car accident is crucial in getting the care you need, and can play a role in the success of your personal injury lawsuit should you choose to file one. If you were injured in a car accident in the Denver metro area, please call the Frickey Law Firm at 303-237-7373 to schedule your free consultation. We are dedicated to helping accident victims get the compensation they need and deserve. Common Delayed Onset Symptoms… Read Full Post