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Texting While Driving Just As Dangerous As Drunk Driving

December 15, 2023
According to this study of distracted driving vs drunk driving, drivers who text or use handheld devices are four times more likely to be involved in an accident. Although this fact has long been circulated in the media, the threat of a car accident is not enough for many people to put down their phones while behind the wheel. However, these results may make you rethink your position. According to the study, texting while driving is as dangerous as driving with a blood alcohol level that is twice the legal limit. To conduct the study, researchers from several universities compared texting while driving and drunk driving by using driving simulators over a two-day period. One group of… Read Full Post

Don't Make These Common Workers' Compensation Mistakes

November 15, 2023
Work is how folks make a living—it needs to be done to provide for yourself and those you care about. And though a hard day's work is something to be proud of, on-the-job injuries should be taken with the utmost seriousness to ensure that you receive proper compensation for how an injury can affect your health. However, before a workers' compensation attorney can help you, there are some mistakes you'll want to avoid to ensure your case's best shot at success. Mistake #1 — Failing to Report Your Injury ASAP First and foremost, you'll want and need to report your workplace injury as soon as you are able to. The longer you wait to do so, the weaker your case may appear. Not only that, but… Read Full Post

The Fine Line: Equipment Liability in Ski Accidents

October 15, 2023
The thrill of skiing is undeniable, offering an adrenaline rush and the enjoyment of the outdoors. This enjoyable experience, however, hinges on the reliability of the equipment. Skiing gear doesn't just enhance performance — it's pivotal in ensuring a skier's safety. Unfortunately, equipment malfunctions or mismanagement can soon turn a fun day on the slopes into a nightmare, leading to serious ski injuries.  Common Equipment-Related Ski Injuries Faulty equipment is often an unsuspected culprit behind many ski-related injuries. The consequences of binding failures, for instance, can be catastrophic, leading to sprains or even fractures.  Faulty ski lifts can unexpectedly drop skiers or… Read Full Post
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Injured on an Electric Scooter? The Frickey Law Firm Can Help

September 15, 2023
Even with this summer’s record heat, many people will find themselves hopping on electric scooters for a fun, convenient way of getting around.  Though electric scooters offer an exciting way to explore cities like Denver, they also pose potential dangers.  The rise of rentable electric scooters has led to an increase in preventable accidents across the nation. The Frickey Law Firm, can help you understand electric scooter injuries and what you need to do if you're involved in an electric scooter accident. Common Electric Scooter Injuries  Most of the time, electric scooters only reach speeds of up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. That might seem slow compared to other vehicles — but it’s… Read Full Post
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Cyclist Safety Tips To Avoid Vehicular Accidents

August 31, 2023
From benefits to the environment to improvements to health, cycling is a great way to get around. Unfortunately, cyclists have to share the road with motor vehicles. Because of the difference in size, weight, and structural safety, cyclists face far more risk of injury than their motor vehicle counterparts.  Being injured due to the recklessness or inattentiveness of a driver can be distressing. Here are safety tips for cyclists to avoid motor vehicle accidents.  The Appropriate Bike For You  Bicycle safety begins before you even get on the road. Ensuring you have the proper bike for you and your needs can help mitigate cyclist-motor vehicle injuries. From mountain bikes to sports bikes… Read Full Post
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Hit By A Motor Vehicle? Here’s What To Do Next

August 15, 2023
No one is ever prepared for the emotional shock and trauma of being hit by a car. You may not know what to do and even play off your injury if you feel they aren’t severe enough to warrant attention. Or you have been hit by a vehicle and are suffering from physical injuries, medical bills, anxiety, and anger over what has transpired. We are here to help. In this blog, we’ll explore your options for pursuing legal action after being hit by a car in Colorado.  Get Medical Attention  Even if you feel okay or that you can ‘walk it off’, it is highly recommended that you seek medical treatment from a professional.  Following an accident, your body can be impacted by the pain-numbing effects t… Read Full Post
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Why Is Summer The Most Dangerous Season For a Car Accident?

July 15, 2023
There are many reasons why summer is the most dangerous season for a car accident. Summer is a time when many teens are off from school and a season when many people travel and get together to spend time with family and friends. Summer is known for its wonderful, warm weather, which gets many more people on the road and headed to a summer destination. Here is why summer is the most dangerous season for car accidents. Roads In The Summer As people are getting off school, taking time off of work, and getting together, the roads can get much busier. This can lead to many more car accidents occurring on the road. There are many different reasons why accidents happen in the summertime, and… Read Full Post
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Lawyering Up After a Motorcycle Accident: The First Steps

June 15, 2023
Summer is here everyone, and that means fantastic weather to get out there and go for a motorcycle ride. It also means more people out on the road and more chances that someone else's negligence could lead to you having an accident. If this were to happen we here at The Frickey Law Firm want you to be prepared as much as you can. Continue reading to find out exactly what you should do after getting into an accident and why you need to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can. Be As Safe as You Possibly Can So you get in an accident, the first thing you need to do is assess your situation and get as safe as you can be. Oftentimes you may not feel that you have a serious… Read Full Post

Alexa Bartell: What to Expect Next

May 16, 2023
On April 19th, Alexa Bartell was the victim of a grave tragedy. Shewas struck and killed by a rock that was thrown through hercarwindshieldwhile she was driving.Now,three men arebeing charged withfirst-degreemurderwith extreme indifference. Along with our deepest regrets on what her family must be going through, we have outlined what could happen nextfor her family. Her family, while suffering through this life-changing event, have the option to file a wrongful death claim. In addition to the criminal trial, for which the three men stand accused, the wrongful death claim could provide funds for therapy or to cover her memorial costs.While nothing can be done to bring Alexa back, the suit… Read Full Post

Workers’ Compensation: What You Need To Know, And How You May Be Eligible

April 26, 2023
Workers’ compensation is compensation insurance for employees when they’ve been involved in an accident at work and need to take time off. You are then compensated for the work you’ll be missing, and all medical bills and expenses are covered.  The purpose of worker’s comp is to protect the workers. Although, there is more information about worker's comp and how it works exactly, which is important to know. What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover? The compensation insurance you will receive from being injured in the workplace covers medical expenses, wages, current medical care costs, as well as any funeral expenses if it were to ever be that serious. Workers’ comp was created and… Read Full Post