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School Rules to Protect Student Athletes

July 05, 2018
Concussion, a type of brain injury, can occur in any sport, but football, hockey, soccer, and basketball have the highest rates of incident. School rules to protect student athletes are key to avoiding these type of injuries. However, Colorado parents and students are unprotected. In August 2017, a controversial study conducted by the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) ranked Colorado last among all states and the District of Columbia for state high school sports safety policies. These policies cover the four leading causes of death among high school athletes: sudden cardiac arrest, traumatic head injuries, exertional heat stroke, and exertional sickling. The Colorado High School Athletics… Read Full Post

Prevent Dog Bites in Colorado

July 04, 2018
Colorado isn’t known for an overwhelming number of dog-bite injuries, which may seem surprising considering how many Coloradans have dogs. There are steps to prevent dog bites in Colorado, no matter how often they occur. Usually it is owner error that leads to bites. Therefore, it is critical for Denver dog owners to understand local and state ordinances, as well as practical guidelines for owning a dog. Every year there are 4.5 million dog bites in the U.S. Many of these dog bites could have been avoided had the dog owner simply followed the law. Dog owners can help prevent dog bites in Colorado by following some basic rules. Click to enlarge or save your Guide to Responsible Dog… Read Full Post

How to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying in Colorado

July 02, 2018
Colorado Laws to Protect Children from Cyberbullying Prior to April 2015, Colorado did not identify cyberbullying in state harassment laws. It was only after Douglas County high school student Kiana Arellano attempted suicide in 2013 that the state Legislature took steps to protect children from cyberbullying. House Bill 1072, known as Kiana Arellano’s Law, makes it illegal for a person to harass another using various “interactive electronic devices” or on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. This behavior is a criminal misdemeanor punishable by up to $750 and six months in jail. More recently, the Claire Davis Act, named after a Colorado teen who was shot and killed at school… Read Full Post
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How to Protect Your Personal Injury Claim on Facebook

June 29, 2018
Sharing experiences on social media is a great way to keep in touch with distant friends and family, but posting private info on Facebook, or elsewhere, can spell big trouble for an injury claim. To be effective, an injury claim must prove another party was negligent, or responsible, for causing the accident. Insurance companies wage war over who, and to what degree, is responsible for an injury claim. Unfortunately, factors that occur after an accident can influence the success of an injury claim. For example, posting private info on Facebook following an injury may become relevant as insurance adjusters investigate the claim or in the event a claim goes to trial. After an accident,… Read Full Post
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Fun Fireworks Facts for the Fourth of July

June 28, 2018
The Denver Fire Department reported 25 fireworks-related fires ignited throughout Denver on the Fourth of July in 2016; there were 16 fires reported in 2015 and 14 in 2014. The increase in incidents is concerning to officials who now believe they underestimated the effectiveness of steep fines and potential jail time for offenders of the city’s fireworks ban. While some cities like Aurora have lifted bans to include some fireworks like sparklers and fountains this year, many cities have not and plan to enforce illegal use and possession this Fourth of July. Professional displays are the best way to safely enjoy fireworks; but if you plan to purchase or use fireworks this summer, be sure… Read Full Post
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Prevent Dog Bites By Knowing the Signs

June 25, 2018
Dog bite injuries annually account for more than one-third of homeowners’ insurance liability claim dollars, according to the Insurance Information Institute, and more than 4 million dog bites are reported each year. If you know how to prevent dog bites, you can make sure you’re not one of those 4 million. Approximately 1 in 5 dog bites requires medical attention, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and in some cases dog bite injuries are accompanied by a need for costly surgeries or long-term care. If you were injured by another person’s dog in the greater Denver area, please call the Denver personal injury attorneys at the Frickey Law Firm at 303- 237-7373 for a… Read Full Post

Insurance Adjusters are Not Your Friends

June 24, 2018
When you purchase an insurance policy, you do so thinking your insurance company will protect you. You expect them to take care of you if you’re in an accident and help you cover expenses like medical bills and repairs. Insurance adjusters are supposed to help, right? Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. Insurance companies do not exist to protect your best interests; they exist to make profits by protecting theirs. They’re happy to take your money when you pay your premium, but when the time comes to reimburse you for expenses after an accident, it becomes all too clear that they aren’t your friend. You can’t always count on insurance providers to give you a fair settlement for… Read Full Post
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Common Workplace Injuries leading to Workers’ Comp

June 20, 2018
On-the-job injuries are more common than you may think. Millions of people suffer work-related injuries every year and file for workers’ comp. In 2015, nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries were reported in the United States. That’s an average of almost 8,000 injuries per day. According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, the top causes of job-related injuries include: How Workers’ Comp Can Help Injured Workers Workers’ Compensation is intended to help those injured on the job cope with medical costs, lost wages and other expenses. However, the claims process can be challenging, and some claims are unfairly disputed. The reason? The bottom line. Provided that ,more… Read Full Post

What is an Umbrella Policy and How Does it Benefit Me?

June 19, 2018
Your priority is protecting yourself and your assets. Most people do this by obtaining homeowners insurance and auto insurance. Unfortunately, these coverages may not be enough to protect you if you’re involved in an accident. The best way to get through life is to expect the unexpected. Accidents can put a damper on your life and cause serious financial problems. The easiest way to protect you and your family from the financial impact of an accident is to buy a Personal Umbrella Policy or PUP. What is an Umbrella Policy? A Personal Umbrella Policy is extra insurance against liability. It protects you or members of your household if you cause harm to another person or their property.… Read Full Post
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The Rise of Distracted Walking

June 18, 2018
Our cities are changing. Throughout the nation, cities are creating an environment that’s friendly for those traveling by foot. Being a pedestrian has many advantages. It’s better for the environment, saves people money on gas, and is much healthier than commuting by car. But when pedestrian thoroughfares are used alongside roads there is one major downside: an increased potential for distracted walking accidents. Distracted Walking Defined Since cell phone use has become commonplace, we’ve become familiar with the phrase “distracted driving.” Despite laws designed to prevent people from driving distracted, you still see people talking and texting while driving. Distracted walking is… Read Full Post
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